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Company History

For 14 years emc notes inc. has been producing quality curriculum-based products for elementary music. We are proud to produce the following instructional materials: Step-by-Step Clasroom / Teachers' Choice Music which is a General Music program for grades 1 to 8, Primary Songs Supplement, Take a Trip, an integrated thematic unit for students to learn state capitals, states and regions, and our newest addition, Bang a Gong, Let's Create a Song, percussion and ostinato mini composition unit.


Our Philosophy

Cover core issues leaving options open for the student

The Step-by-Step Classroom Music / Teachers' Choice Music Program has been designed to allow the novice, as well as the expert, to facilitate classroom Music lessons both accurately and effortlessly.

Step-by-Step Classroom Music / Teachers’ Choice Music was developed to address the core issues and give the students the tools to appreciate and identify fundamental musical concepts regardless of whether they pursue musical careers.

The concepts are learned through practical methods such as listening, clapping, singing etc. (The approach does not rely on using or learning an instrument).

The program enhances musical skill through the development of both cognitive (intellectual/knowledge) and affective (aesthetic/emotional/creative) domains.

Music is a language

Although repertoire is important, what does a student learn by just singing a song? The teacher must have, or be provided with, the background/knowledge necessary to enhance appreciation of the intrinsic value as well as the musical framework through which it is conveyed. It is similar to learning to sing a song in another language but not understanding the words; Music is a language that must be learned in order to have its many facets appreciated.

What makes a good Music Program?

We believe that a good Music Program will enable a child to take the information learned and be able to apply it in everyday life.

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