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Learn state capitals with Take a Trip!, a Musical Tour of the United States.

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The educational product, Take a Trip!, is an integrated thematic unit that incorporates objectives and National Standards from social studies, science, music, reading, technology and dance while teaching the regions, states and their capitals.


For our New York State customers, BANG A GONG, Let's Create a Song!! is NYSTL approved!!!

The product is developed for the classroom teacher or the Music teacher, in a public, private or homeschool setting.

The product is teacher friendly and includes reproducible lyric sheets, illustrations, assessments, maps and additional information for the teacher. An audio CD is also included with vocal and instrumental tracks of each song.

Take a Trip! teaches the student the name and location of states in the United States, divided into four different regions: Midwest, Southeast, West and Northeast. Included in the study of each region are: science objectives, such as the climate/biome of the region, social studies objectives, such as geography; the location of each state and its capital, economics; products, materials that a particular region is known for, places of interest, landmarks and important cities to each region, music; folk music particular to that region, along with music objectives to help students understand theory, history and appreciation of the music itself, dance; the study of particular folk dance moves associated with American folk songs and reading; a script is provided for a culminating performance in which the students re-teach and reinforce the learning of the theme by presenting it to an audience, describing each region and its uniqueness (through song and dance).

Take a Trip! includes a 60 page reproducible book and a CD of all the songs with vocal and instrumental versions.

[click] for a "Sample lesson" to see the contents page and one full unit. Audio can be previewed by clicking on the following.

Theme Song, Mama Don't 'low, Ama Lama, Northeast Song,

Southeast Song, America

Take a Trip! video

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