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SMART board Music Lessons

In our commitment to providing what teachers are looking for, we have developed an online Interactive Composition Tool. This tool integrates with the SMART notebook files and allows for online interactivity and is embedded in the sample files. A Username and password are required for the online component. This can be obtained by contacting us. For our school board/district customers, the user name and password is supplied by your consultant/contact.

SMART Student Editions. Supplements and Step II are now available as SMART notebook files. Make use of your SMART boards for an interactive and paper-free alternative to reproducible student sheets. We have embedded the required audio and made use of the functionality in SMART notebook making these the perfect accompaniment to the text and CD audio versions.

The SMART Student Editions including the online Interactive Composition Tool are available on a subscription basis for a yearly charge of $50.00 per title.

Try these SMART Notebook files with highlights from each division. We suggest right clicking and saving the link/target to your desktop. These are zip files and will need to be unzipped. You can then open in SMART notebook or click here for SMART Notebook Express online viewer.


SMART Student Edition Primary Highlights Junior SMART Highlights, notebook file Intermediate SMART Highlights, notebook file

The following images give some examples of the SMART notebook file and Interactive Composition Tool capabilities:


Speaker icons play associated audio tracks and examples

SMART eg. 2


Integrate shared reading with music

SMART eg. 4

Play the tutorial track and click on the instruments to hear them


SMART eg. 1

Pressing the keys plays the tones ♫ Pressing the hand sign plays the corresponding Solfège syllable

SMART eg. 3



Activity Sheets make use of cloning, moving and audio to make them interactive. This added dimension gives rise to a range of creative possibilities and also gives novice teachers of music more tools.

SMART eg. 5

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