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Primary Songs CD and Booklet

Primary Songs Supplement includes 10 songs on a variety of subjects, in a variety of genres. The musical scores are included, along with Primary Song Links which link the songs directly to specific lessons found in grades one to three of the Step-by-Step Classroom Music / Teachers' Choice Program.

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For our New York State customers, Primary Songs Supplement is NYSTL approved!!!

[click] on the titles to hear song samples: A Day at the Fair, Rhumba Counting, Markers and Crayons, Homework Rap, I Really Like Having a Friend

The Primary Songs Supplement includes a 40 page booklet and a CD with vocal and instrumental versions of each song. Please view our sample PDF.




Song List
1. A Day at the Fair
2. Rhumba Counting
3. Markers and Crayons
4. New Cars
5. My Favourite Sleigh
6. I Wish I Could Tell Time
7. Homework Rap
8. Boots
9. Community
10. I Really Like Having a Friend






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Primary Song, grades 1 to 3, Teachers' Choice Program, CD with vocal and instrumental versions of each song