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Music Lesson Plans for grades K to 8

Below are links to our General Music Curriculum for grades 1 to 8

Note: Step-by-Step Classroom Music (1 book and 2CDs) have identical lessons to the formerly titled Teachers' Choice Music (3 books and CDs).

The primary grades of the Step-by-Step Classroom Music Curriculm:


Grade 1 Music Lessons

Grade 2 Music Lessons

Grade 3 Music Lessons


Music Lessons Grades 4 to 6


Grade 4 Music Lessons

Grade 5 Music Lessons

Grade 6 Music Lessons


Music Lessons Grades 7 and 8


Grade 7 Music Lessons

Grade 8 Music Lessons

Student Workbook SMART Boards The original Step-by-Step Classroom Music, Supplements and Step II are now available as SMART notebook files. Make use of your SMART boards for an interactive and paper-free alternative to reproducible student sheets. We have embedded the required audio and made use of the functionality in SMART notebook making these the perfect accompaniment to the text and CD audio versions.