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Step-by-Step Classroom Music II - Grade 5 ISBN 978-1-897491-50-8 (1 Book, 1 CD) $169.95

Teacher manual highlights: Critically responding to music, bass staff and notation, 6/8 metre, Rondo form, 8va, 8vb, notation, syncopation and texture in Vietnamese music, playing textures - ensemble Solfège / recorder / pitched percussion etc. sharp and flat key signatures, playing and singing major and minor scales, composing with pentatonic, harmonic minor and creating melodies over backing tracks

Click on the book cover to open a PDF sample lesson in another window. Each sample lesson has the Table of Contents and Song List for that grade



We now offer grade 5 Step-by-Step Classroom Music II program in PDF with embedded audio. This can be used on computer or tablet, even a smart phone if the screen is large enough. How does this help the Music Teacher deliver the curriculum to an elementary class? A teacher can use the electronic version of the music teacher manual on a mobile device for reference during the class and use the SMART Student Edition on an interactive whiteboard for the student. The student editions contain interactive capabilities of the SMART boards e.g. playing audio, filling in answers, cloning, moving elements, erase to reveal and linking to our online Interactive Composition Tool. This application allows real-time rhythm, hand sign and pitch exploration!



On the left is an example from the Grade 5 SMART Student Edition and on the right and below are images from the online, interactive component.


Grade 1 simple rhythm spacer online rhthm grade one




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