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Bang a Gong, Let's Create a Song

BANG A GONG, Let's Create a Song!!! uses a proven sequence utilizing concepts from Orff, Kodláy and basic percussion to create an original composition in a large or small ensemble.

This ready-to-use unit is a foundational framework and is comprised of the following:
• Lesson plans
• Rubrics and assessment strategies
• Backline masters
• Transparencies
• 9 Double-sided, 22" x 8.5" rhythm posters

For our New York State customers, BANG A GONG, Let's Create a Song!! is NYSTL approved!!!

Band a Gong is an approved resource in Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan.

Bang A Gong, Let, Create a Song Cover

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BANG A GONG, Let's Create a Song!!! uses seven simple principles to provide an interesting way of learning and creating music through the use of ostinati and percussion instruments.

The program uses the following sequence: speech ostinati,body percussion, non-pitched percussion (e.g. shakers and claves), pitched percussion (e.g. Orff instruments, handbells and Boomwhackers®), the C pentatonic scale, the ostinato composition and a culminating task, The Grand Composition.


BANG A GONG, Let's Create a Song!!! is an excellent stand-alone unit which can also be used in conjunction with the Step-by-Step Classroom Music/Teachers' Choice Music Program.


BANG A GONG, Let's Create a Song!!! presents seven simple principles or mini lessons that can be used to teach and create music through the use of ostinati and percussion instruments. What better way for children (and adults) to learn music than through the concept of creation by composing simple repetitious rhythms (ostinati) and performing them for their class and school?

Regardless of the teacher's ability, using percussion instruments proves to be one of the most sought after means of teaching music to children. Percussion instruments can be purchased inexpensively, or students can make their own out of found objects, emulating percussion groups such as Stomp. Through using percussion instruments, children enjoy learning about music, and teachers enjoy teaching the curriculum.

New trends in education stress exploration, creation and hypothesizing. Children learn best by doing. This thematic unit provides a new music program that is easy to follow and fun to learn. It is based on several ideas and concepts derived from my experience teaching Orff and Kolday, as well as my own percussion methodology. Included in this package are visual resources, teacher assessment tools and suggestions for students that require extra help or more of a challenge.

BANG A GONG, Let's Create a Song!!! is intended to be taught as a sequential, thematic unit; although, an experienced music teacher may wish to focus on a specific lesson or concept. This unit can be used as the primary teaching source for a music class, or as a supplement to other curriculum based music units. Depending on the teacher/student experience the timeline will vary.

A final musical composition and group performance completes the unit as a summative assessment.

Learn, Create & Enjoy!!!
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