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Succinct, Easy-to-Follow General Music Lesson Plans for grades K to 8



The Music Teacher Manuals contain:

• Reproducible student worksheets/tests with answers
• Assessment/evaluation sheets complete with a suggested guide
• Student notes reinforcing concepts covered in the lesson plans as well as history or back-ground notes
• Rubrics
Every lesson and activity meets with clearly defined expectations. Foundational concepts begin in Grade 1 and are reinforced throughout the program in order to provide a smooth transition between grades.
• Embraces proven approaches in Orff, Kodály and Solfège, integrating them into the lessons
• The nature of the lessons promotes literacy while giving many cross-curricular opportunities
• Expands the repertoire to include traditional folk songs, classical and multicultural songs performed by original artists.
• Complements vocal and instrumental programs
• Provides for both pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments
• Promotes dynamic interaction between teacher and student, allowing for immediate guidance, assessment and/or evaluation

• Our new Student package designed for use on the interactive white boards promotes a green environment, while engaging students in a new learning experience

SMART Board Music lesson Highlights:

Easy to use!! Sequential- because the interactivity is part of the student component that follows the teacher manual, only notes and rests learned are used. As their knowledge of notes and rests is expanded, they will be added for use in the interactive components.
Designed to be used in real time. Students can experience how they can control rhythm and pitch
Visual indicators for beat and rhythm
Rest and notes are automatically placed in correct locations, even if student tries to place them elsewhere.
Guide lines reinforce note duration.
Only the notes and rests that they have learned are available in each grade/lesson.


Student Workbook SMART Boards The original Step-by-Step Classroom Music, Supplements and Step II are now available as SMART notebook files. Make use of your SMART boards for an interactive and paper-free alternative to reproducible student sheets. We have embedded the required audio and made use of the functionality in SMART notebook making these the perfect accompaniment to the text and CD audio versions.

BANG A GONG, Let's Create a Song!!! uses seven simple principles to provide an interesting way of learning and creating music through the use of ostinati and percussion instruments.

Take a Trip offers 50 states lesson plans, packaged with songs written specifically for learning the states and capitals, region overviews, maps and assessment sheets. At the end of the book there is a script for a culminating performance. Using a culminating performance allows the students to reinforce what they've learned while incorporating music, drama and dance. Take a Trip is an excellent social study elementary lesson plan unit.

Primary Songs Supplement includes 10 songs on a variety of subjects, in a variety of genres. The musical scores are included, along with Primary Song Links which link the songs directly to specific lessons found in grades one to three of the Step-by-Step Classroom Music / Teachers' Choice Program.


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